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Child Sponsorship Project

The education support project seeks to provide opportunities for school age orphans and vulnerable children between the age 3-13 in pre-primary and primary and disadvantaged youth aged 14-24 in secondary school and vocational school programs, until they are equipped with skills to develop increased increased opportunities as adults.


Orphanage Project – Children’s Village

There is a growing number of orphans and homeless children who are often abandoned with no way of tracing family members or carers. GSC provides the children a safe and stable home, education and support through out their childhood.


Girl Power!

This seeks to help girl orphans, disabled children, disadvantaged and those that have experienced child abuse and violence in the community to avoid exposure to bad habits like rape, early forced marriages, prostitution and under age employment.


Family Outreach

The local community experience many challenges including widespread unemployment and destruction of home due to extreme weather. The program seeks to to empower disadvantaged families to improve their physical, emotional and social well being.

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