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HEAL | Health, Education, and Learning

This program seeks to enable poor and otherwise marginalized people to build their capcity and skills that create a foundation for improved health, education and cultural survival.


  • HEALTH: The health component includes: training village health workers to provide basic health care, community medicine cabinets, malaria prevention education, provision of clean water construction, birthing hose construction and parental care.
  • EDUCATION: Education and leadership component includes: Construction of primary schools and training centers, construction of community centres for informal education, literacy training and other information sharing.
  • LEARNING: Strong leaders emerge from healthy communities that provide educational opportunities, and increase access to school and healthcare.

HIV Program and Clinics

Establishing working partnerships with clinics and organisations that offer HIV treatment and support services, establishing their existing gaps in terms of financing services, increasing human resources, increasing availability of diagnostics and counseling services, sponsoring HIV care training, partnership with government to bridge the the gap of growing numbers of patients vs limited resources, partnering with government to establish clinics in undeserved areas.


Ebola Treatments

Partnership with government and specific programs to fill in gaps in service provision like funding, training, technical support, capacity building and health equipment.

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